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Drawn Back  (2014)    ISBN-9780998790015

Critical Acclaim:

"What a page turner! The characters were fully alive ... they weren't used as cute, charming props in a quaint time machine. Patrick O'Connell's adventures in time were filled with danger and real risk. His decisions and actions mattered, and that kept the suspense--and stakes--very high. A terrific first novel. I look forward to the author's next book!"

Timothy Burgess

author of The Never-Ending Swell

A Matter of Justice  (2017)    ISBN-9780998790008

Critical Acclaim:

Author Keith Tittle rings all the challenges in this complex, gripping mystery. His story combines diverse elements lending the story opportunity for multiple mayhem. Jeff Dawes is a believable hero – determined, diligent, dogged by past failures that spur him to try harder. The setting – Portland, Oregon, with its scenic natural environs makes for a variety of well-staged scenarios.


A gripping, page-turning novel poised to entertain thriller fans across a wide spectrum. A Matter of Justice by Keith Tittle provides the lead-in for a new series from a promising new author.

Chanticleer Book Reviews

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